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Incorporated in 1994, Transformers & Rectifiers (I) Limited has consolidated its position in the Indian Transformer Industry as a manufacturer of a wide range of transformers, which conform to the quality expectations of both the domestic and the international market.

An ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 company today, T&R as it is more popularly known, is proud to have executed a number of prestigious orders from developed countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Jitendra Mamtora

Chairman & Whole-Time Director

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The capability to develop world class power, distribution, furnace and specialty transformers is credited to the creation of a world class infrastructure at three plants around the city of Ahmedabad, one of the leading industrialized cities of India. This facility is equipped with world class state of the art equipment and managed by a high skilled and experienced team of production personnel who consistently ensure that each and every production activity factors in an adherence to the high quality benchmarks established by the organization.



one of India’s leading transformer manufacturing companies


To consolidate our National and International presence as a leading manufacturer of Power, Furnace and Rectifier Transformers and maintain an average annual growth rate of 50%


To emerge as a preferred solution provider for quality Transformers with a team of dedicated professionals and business associates who are ethical, value driven and create excellent customer relationships



  • Executed 200 numbers of various rating Transformers ranging from 15 MVA, 66 kV to 500 MVA, 400 kV for GETCO
  • Successfully commissioned 1200 kV Transformer at PGCIL
  • Successfully executed 250 numbers of Solar Inverter Transformers for various Solar Farms
  • Supplied 2x500 MVA, 400 kV Auto Transformers for Karnataka’s first highest rating installation
  • Developed and Manufactured 132 MVA EAF Transformer for Mexico & 70 MVA EAF Transformers for Iran
  • Export of highest rating Power Transformer of 250 MVA, 230 kV to Russia
  • Successfully type tested OIP Bushing up to 145 kV
  • Successfully executed 80 numbers of GREEN Transformers using natural ester fluid
  • Developed and Manufactured 170 MVA EAF transformer for MENA
  • Received order for 50 MVAr, 420 kV Reactor with Synthetic Ester oil, from PGCIL


  • Supplied 500 MVA, 400 kV Transformer to one of the leading SEB
  • Successfully manufactured and tested 765 kV Class Transformer
  • Successfully tested and commissioned 1st Unit of 765 kV Class of Transformers
  • Crossed Turnover of Rs. 700 Crs.
  • Successfully developed India’s highest rating 75 MVA, 115 kV Green Transformer using natural ester fluid
  • Entered into Technology License agreement with Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.
  • Received order worth INR 400 Crore for Third Party Export
  • Approval of 400 kV BCT from PGCIL
  • Successful short circuit testing of 315 MVA, 400/220/33 kV 3 Phase Auto Transformers at KEMA Netherlands


  • Successfully went Public with an over-subscription of 92 times
  • Established a World-class Manufacturing Facility with a capacity of 16000 MVA
  • Winner of The Best Supplier Award from GETCO for three consecutive years
  • Honoured with ‘Valued Customer Award’ by Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)
  • Awarded ‘Star Export House’ certificate by Govt. of India
  • Successfully executed 315 MVA, 400 kV Class Power Transformer
  • Successfully executed 1200 kV Class Auto Transformer for PGCIL Pilot Project
  • Received order for 20 nos. 500 MVA, 765 kV Class, Auto Transformers
  • Executed more than 750 nos. Transformers of 132 kV Class and above


  • First 7.5 MVA Series Reactor supplied to Fluor Daniel, UK, installed in Kazakhstan with a short-circuit withstanding capacity of 105 kA
  • First 100 MVA, 220 kV Power Transformer
  • Received PGCIL approva
  • Single Order of 36 Transformers of 110 kV Class Delta Connected for TNEB
  • Supplied 11 kV Series Reactors with Short Circuit capacity of 105 kA to Fluor Daniel, UK and installed in Kazakhstan
  • Single Order of 10 Transformers of 220 kV Class for GETCO
  • Prestigious Orders from NTPC & PGCIL
  • Developed and Manufactured 25/30 MVA, EAF Transformer for Azerbaijan


  • Inaugurated new state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing upto 245 kV Class Transformers


  • Manufactured Transformers upto 66 kV Class
  • Consolidated leadership in Furnace Transformers with a domestic market share of 80%
  • Transformers & Rectifiers (India) was established with installed capacity up to 600 MVA and 66 kV class per annum
  • First 33 kV, 3.15 MVA Transformer designed and executed in 1984
  • Started manufacturing Furnace Transformer and Established the market share of approximate 80 % in Induction Furnace and Steel melting transformer till 1994
  • Expanded with new manufacturing plant with Built up area of 7000 sq. mtrs. (approx. 75,000 sq. ft.) and total area of 25,000 sq. mtrs. (269,000 sq. ft.) for manufacturing transformers up to 200 MVA, 245 kV class
  • Received first order of 100MVA, 220kV class transformers from GETCO
  • Executed first 66 kV Power Transformer having capacity of 15 MVA
  • Executed first 110 kV Power Transformer of 30 MVA
  • Obtained ISO:9000:1994 Certification
  • Executed first 132 kV, 50 MVA, Power Transformer
  • Executed first 220 kV, 50 MVA, Power Transformer



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Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without a purchaser.

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We are committed to green building and sustainability in our offices as well as on our job sites. We believe green buildings are not only good for the environment.
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The Company is contributing to sustainable development by its economic activities combined with the fulfillment of its social responsibilities relating to the education, health, safety and environment aspects.

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School taken over by T&R in local area
Blood donation camps every year


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