Upon receipt of the transformer in the factory, a visual inspection and electrical control will be performed as to provide a root cause of failure or what rehabilitation actions will be taken, as well as to provide a delivery date. As per the root cause and agreed actions taken, the core and coil or active part will be untanked, inspected and partial or full manufacturing of coils will be initiated.

Following upgrade/service of noble parts, accessories and other auxiliary equipment, the active part is dried and replaced in the tank, which is refilled with fresh oil and high-voltage test performed. After the factory acceptance test the newly revitalized transformer is ready to be delivered back to its owner. If requested, Transformer & Rectifier (India) Limited can of course cater for the transport of the unit back and forth from the site.

Repair Type Transformer & Rectifier(India) Ltd Solution
Midlife refurbishment Approx. 3 weeks to give a transformer 10-20 new operating years
Simple repair, without winding exchange Most of this type of failures can easily be repaired onsite, reducing considerably the downtime
Partly & full rewind T&R rewinds always include a refurbishment and HV testing. The size of the transformer and failure type determines the time at the factory from 8 weeks onwards
HV testing This test verifies that a repair or refurbishment is fully executed and complying with the expected quality

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